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Texts for response can be teacher-selected or negotiated with students. They can be selected from a variety of written, spoken and visual texts such as short stories, illustated picture books, comics and graphic novels, poetry, short films, and photography.

When selecting texts for response it is important to consider texts that elicit ideas and spark discussion. Texts for response: 

  • offer multiple layers of meaning
  • provide opportunities for different interpretations
  • have well-crafted plots and compelling characters
  • use interesting and rich language
  • present themes and issues that resonate with students.

Using Illustrated Texts for Response

Illustrated picture books, wordless books, graphic and multimodal texts offer muliple points of entry and encourage readers to make inferences and use prior textual and personal knowledge as part of the meaning-making process.

Illustrated texts ask readers to make meaning across multiple systems of meaning (modes) and include:

  • visual images (photography, illustrations)
  • written text
  • use of typography
  • use of elements of graphic design
  • peritextual and intraiconic texts

Book Web: Illustrated Texts for Response

Information on these and other illustrated texts can be found on the Quebec Reading Connection website.